Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whistle Stops and Depots - Historic PA Railroad Stations - Elmhurst Station, Rowlands Station, West Hawley Station, Lackawaxen Station

These are paintings of historic railroad stations in Northeast Pennsylvania that no longer exist. They were done from old photos predating color photography. The photos were small and did not show much detail so some things were left to the imagination. I enjoyed depicting these charming structures in colors I imagine might have been used at the time. They were done with fine and ultra fine point black sharpie markers and then watercolor was added to to enhance the drawing. It was challenging because I did not use any preplanned pencil sketches and had to really think about every mark I made on the paper as there was no erasing. This really forced me to closely examine the photos as I drew the images. I am pleased with how they developed and the fact that they have a fluid charm and movement to them because of the quality of the line work. The stations depicted in order include:

Elmhurst Station
Rowlands Station
West Hawley Station
Lackawaxen Station

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