Saturday, April 11, 2009

Benton Road and Around the Block Series #4

This is a cute shed and birdhouse near the end of Benton Road as it approaches Lackawanna State Park. I love the colors in the winter trees in late afternoon. The title of this watercolor is "Shed in Late Day Winter Light".

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  1. For the past forty years this shed first served as a play house with dutch door and a ladder to the loft. Now it shelters an assortment of tools and fertilizer. Until about half a dozen years ago, the shed was sheltered by a huge Eastern Hemlock. Sadly, we've missed the graceful tree and felt the shed was too bare and exposed. Your painting reminds us what a peaceful setting this is. I sent your site to my son (who spent many fun years in the loft) and he voted this painting his favorite.

    I've enjoyed this chance to see your work. Gayle